QR codes seemed to have made a comeback (if they were ever really a thing in the first place) with the pandemic. Maybe it’s just where I live in California, but almost every restaurant has opted for digital menus over traditional paper ones. Use your phone, scan the code, and you’ll be sent to a link to view your happy hour options!

There are so many possibilities to use QR codes within your wedding! (Check out this post about QR code wedding invitations). I’m really excited about the idea of a digital wedding program, for so many reasons, so read on for the full tutorial on creating a QR code wedding program!

You can also skip to the bottom of this post for a step-by-step video tutorial! > > >

What is a QR Code?

First things first – what the heck is a QR code? Simply put, it’s a unique, scannable image that links to anywhere you choose. Accessible via your phone’s camera, it will allow the person viewing it to visit the website of your choice. 

Meaning – there are SO MANY POSSIBILITIES to use QR code with your wedding!

Why QR Codes Wedding Programs are Awesome

Budget Friendly

When it comes to weddings, most couples are trying to find ways to save in certain areas so they can splurge in others! Wedding invitations are my love language, and the very first impression of your big day, and I always recommend making them count. But when it comes to programs – this is a category where you can save some moolah!

Let’s say you need 100 programs (I suggest ordering around 80% of your final guest count) – the cost for printing is about $100. 

If you opt for a single, large sign instead – the cost is $32 (based on an 18×24 ordered through our print shop partner).

That’s a quick way to save $68 for a few extra rounds of drinks for the honeymoon ; )

Environmentally Friendly

Besides being easy on the wallet, digital wedding programs are also kinder to our environment. Again, I believe a physical wedding invitation should be sent (and kept) to be a lasting memento of your big day, but paper ceremony programs aren’t always a necessity. Choosing a QR code wedding program is a great way to balance the paper you use!

Did I mention that our printing partner plants a tree for every order placed through their website? So either way, you’re creating a net positive environmental impact.


As someone who has worked on wedding stationery for over seven years, I’ll warn you that last minute changes happen – often. Maybe it’s a change in the bridal party – you accidentally listed your college bff’s maiden name instead of her newly married last name. Maybe you want to switch the order of the ceremony, change a listed song, or add in an unplugged ceremony note – it happens!

With printed programs, these will need to be finalized and sent to print at least a week and a half before the big day (absolute minimum – our printing partner ships orders quickly, but trust me you don’t want to rely on last minute deliveries!) Typically, we recommend finalizing your programs at least two weeks before – just in case.

With digital programs, you can make edits up until the minute you’re walking down the aisle. Not ideal, but you get the point! The QR code wedding program allows you to be super flexible in making any last minute updates or changes. 

How to Create a QR Code Wedding Program

We promise you don’t have to be super tech savvy to create your own paperless programs! Here’s what to do:

  1. Choose a wedding program template.

We offer a variety of printable wedding programs – that can also be used to create your QR code program! Start by browsing here.

  1. Edit your template.

After purchasing, change the colors, fonts, wording – even add a photo! 

  1. Download.

To keep it simple for the two page program, choose the PDF option and select the “design default size”.

  1. Create a QR code.

This website* allows you to create QR codes for free – select more in the top toolbar, then choose “PDF” and upload your completed program. Click generate code and ta-da, you have yourself a scannable code! Click download. *At the time of this post, this website allowed free use, but please check for any updated terms!

  1. Choose a sign template.

You can browse both large and small signs for paperless wedding programs here in our template shop!

(Hint: as of June 2022 we offer discounts for buying 3+ products in one transaction, so buy your programs, sign template, and something else together to save some moolah!)

  1. Add your QR code.

Edit your template to fit your needs and just click “replace image” to upload your QR code! Do a quick check with your phone to make sure it works correctly.

Click here to try the demo for free to see exactly how it works!
  1. Download and print!

Again, we recommend choosing the PDF and “design default size” options. If you’re printing the large sign option, Prints of Love can take care of it for you – they even have an option to add a mounted foam board. (Pro tip: we love the “matte” option for signage!)

So there you have it – your own QR code wedding programs! As of now, this is definitely a new trend, sure to impress your guests.

Bonus tip: it’s always nice to have a few printed programs for family members and keepsake items. You can order a small quantity of 10, through Prints of Love, along with your signage!

Other ideas for using QR codes on your wedding day: a scannable seating chart, menu, or link for guests to upload the photos they take at your reception!