Oh, what a year! It’s been a wild one. Spread cheer with a little snail mail with our 2020 Christmas card templates! All self edit and printable so you can DIY, send to your local print shop, or order from our printing partner.

So Grateful Holiday Cards

Everyone had a rough year, but I think it allowed us to realize what is truly most important and grow. Personally, I’ve never felt more grateful for the little things in life and knowing that my loved ones are safe.

Knowing there are so many people in our world suffering, my heart truly goes out to them. I’m proud to have been able to donate to various causes this year, both locally (Feed San Diego) and groups working on social reform (Black Visions Collective), along with support through various GoFundMe.

Do you feel more thankful than ever this year? One of our grateful holiday card template is perfect for you!

Funny Milestone 2020 Christmas Cards

This year wasn’t all bad – a lot of milestones happened and were the sparkling silver lining between a lot of craziness.

These funny, printable Christmas cards are perfect for sharing your 2020 good news – with a humorous twist! You may not have done a lot, but you did something big!

Printable Business Holiday Cards

Have you noticed there aren’t a ton of cute printable holiday cards for businesses? We wanted to change that!

The real estate agent card is a perfect marketing touch point to use with past (and potential) clients at the end of the year. And it’s so cute, they’ll leave it on the fridge for months!

For boutiques, agencies, salons, really small businesses of any type – this cheerful card is a perfect way to say thank you for support this year. Complete with a space to upload your business logo!

Socially Distanced Holiday Card Template

Share one of your photos of your quaranteam from quarantine! The best part about these printable cards is that everything is customizable – change the wording and fonts to match your needs. You can even add a backside page with more photos or additional text.

Cute, Cheerful, and Festive Holiday Cards

These might be my favorite! I designed these with a modern boho flair, not your traditional red and green holiday cards. Which is your favorite?